On this Earth Day, it is critical that each of us do our part to protect our planet. There are many ways to make a difference and our latest blogger is doing just that through more sustainable farming. Savita Sunil Dakle is a Farmer and Trainer in the Primark Sustainable Cotton Program.

We asked Savita Sunil Dakle the following question: “What are three important things to know about more sustainable farming?” Below is her response:

What is sustainable farming?

To me, sustainable farming is any type of farming practices which do not harm the environment in any way. It also includes not harming or effecting the physical and mental wellbeing of the farmer or the economy. Done properly, sustainable farming provides a better yield with less investment and a healthier crop. For these reasons, more and more farmers around the world are farming sustainably.

Alternative activities can effectively replace the use of pesticides and insecticides.

We have different activities on our farm to fight pests that can harm crops. During the day, we do land cultivation and irrigation together, which destroys harmful insects who live inside the soil. When cotton or any other plant grows, we use a T- stand to protect the crop, so we spray less pesticides. When we do apply pesticides to the crop, we use precautions including face masks, gloves, eye-glasses or googles, to protect our farmers. We can make pesticides easily at home. For example – Neem Oil, Dashparni, vermiwash, vermicompost, and vermicast all help control pests and do no harm to the environment or to our physical health.

Sustainable Farming Saves Money and Uses Less Chemicals

The practices we use make sure we are using only what is required so we are saving money and using less chemicals. For example, soil testing helps us balance nutrients in the soil and helps make the soil more fertile. We do not use herbicides which protects the farm and the planet.

I will only say that every Indian farmer should adopt this sustainable farming for both health benefits and profit.

Since I began delivering this training from village to village, more farmers are coming happily to sustainable farming and they all are gaining profit and good results.

I am a House wife ………
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Thank you
Savita Sunil Dakle
Padegaon Aurangabad
Farmer and Trainer in the Primark Sustainable Cotton Program

Through its transformative initiative, the Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme is proving that producing cotton can be both more sustainable AND provide economic empowerment to women. The program trains farmers across India and Pakistan in more sustainable farming practices, decreasing water, chemical pesticide and fertilizer usage and improving the farmers’ livelihoods through increased income.